Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Candlestick Park

It's sad to think The Waltones will only go down as a footnote in pop history as the band that guitarist Mark Collins was in before joining The Charlatans. The band in the space of eighteen months released four singles and an album on Medium Cool (them again) before the label folded. The band resurfaced as Candlestick Park released one single and had an album scheduled which never appeared. The band in their short existence produced a slew of great songs three of which are here today. "The Deepest" and "She Looks Right Through Me" were both singles while "Bold" appeared on the great Medium Cool compilation "Edge Of The Road"


Anonymous said...

The Waltones were top! Their singer could really SING unlike so many Indie schmucks of that era. the whole Medium Cool label roster was good.

James K said...

aaaaah, God bless ya.

There's half a chance of a CD compilation - though don't hold your breath.
check out


James K said...

Plans for the re-issue CD are further advanced.
Keep an eye out on our myspace