Monday, January 31, 2005

In The Pines

The Triffids were the other Australian bands of the 80s who alongside The Go-Betweens should have been able to move past being critical darlings and be heard by a much wider audience. Whereas the Go-Betweens sound often conjured up images of dusty libraries and sepia photographs The Triffids were all about wide open spaces and winding roads. The band released six albums and came closest to cracking their charts when one of their songs was used in a wedding scene of top Australian soap Neighbours but alas it didn't have the desired effect. After the bands final album "Black Swan" in 1989 the band disbanded with singer David McComb releasing one solo album "Love Of Will" in 1994. Sadly there wouldn't be a second or a Triffids reunion as McComb died in 1999 after what appeared to be a minor car accident. The downloads here are songs from the band's last two albums and if you follow the link below you'll find a site maintained by the band's guitarist Graham Lee with a bunch of rare tracks to download.

Lots more downloads can be found here

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KM said...

Weddings Parties Anything are another legendary australian band. i was at their last gig when they played The Corner Hotel in 1999. It was filled with tears. their last song "leave her johnny" was so touching.