Monday, January 24, 2005

Hangover Square

So we're back, laden down with vinyl finds from the crevices of Brighton's used record emporiums to hopefully delight you with in the coming weeks.

First up, The Caretaker Race as mentioned before when The Loft split up the members formed three great bands, The Weather Prophets I posted about previously, The Wishing Stones we will hopefully get to in the future, and the third band formed by guitarist/vocalist Andy Strickland was The Caretaker Race. I once wrote to Mr Strickland asking to interview him for my fledgling fanzine and even probably threw in some chummy comment regarding Portsmouth football club as we both have the misfortune of being fans but alas he never wrote back. Obviously this was his loss, and the fact that despite producing four great singles and then an album, "Hangover Square" on the Foundation label the band never got the attention their songs deserved can solely be put down to the exposure the band lost through this snub. The two songs today, were both on the album, which if anyone has and wants to sell/copy let me know, but were also on singles, twice in the case of "All Love Offers"

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