Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Deeper Than The Ocean

The Mayfields were always at a disadvantage as they came from Salisbury in Dorset, now Salisbury may be famous for many things, actually it isn't apart from having the cathedral with the tallest spire in England, but being a hotbed for bands isn't one of them. In their brief existence I saw them several times supporting the likes of The Las and The Pooh Sticks and blowing both of them offstage. The band released two 7" singles, a flexidisc and had a few other songs on various compilation tapes before disappearing from whence they came. Two of today's songs are from their 7" on the Ambition label, the other 7" was on BusStop, while "Seasons Pass" comes from a tape so isn't that hi-fi but is still listenable.


Jim said...

Southern pride insists that I correct one tiny error in your piece. Salisbury is, and has been for a very long time, in Wiltshire. Not Dorset. Salisbury probably should be in Dorste as that county is prettier than Wiltshire on the whole, but history places Salisbury and its cathedral quite distinctinctly in Wilts.

Steve said...

Quite right to, my father actually comes from Shaftesbury which is in Dorset (?) and I sadly assumed as they were so close they were the same county.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

Actually not quite into oblivion, Mark the Drummer from the Mayfields has now hooked up with a new band Known as Phonic with big Plans ahead. Will post a link as soon as in Place.

Si - From Phonic