Friday, January 28, 2005

The Darkest Hearts

New Zealand's Garageland started off, as every Kiwi band appears to, on the Flying Nun label releasing their first single in 1996. After getting some good press the band were signed by the slightly high profile Discordant records with whom they released two underated and so available very cheaply albums in "Last Exit To Garageland" in 97 and "Do What You Want" in 99 featuring a stack of great pop tunes, the main reason I feel the band are off of most people's radar is there's no real uniformity to the albums too many songs could be by different bands, good bands admitedly, but it's hard to hook fans if you keep changing that much. Maybe the band, or at least songwriter Jeremy Eade as the rest of the band had jumped ship, relaised this as the band's final album "Scorpio Righting" in 2001 had a more uniform feel, unfortunately it was the feel of a band trying to be The Rolling Stones. Here we have songs from the band's first two albums and Bus Stops from their debut EP.

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