Saturday, January 08, 2005

Everything We Never Really Did

Steps To Discovering A Wonderful New Band

1 - Browsing the excellant blog/website Think Small I found their best of 2004 list of bands/downloads and found mention of Tiger Baby and the description "Danish students from the school of Saint Etienne (the band, not the town." Sounds interesting, I thought and followed the link to the band's website.
2 - At the site here I downloaded three songs by the band, and discovered dance pop clearly influenced by Saint Etienne but also showing a band who can write catchy immediate songs that quickly get stuck in your head. The band have been together since 1999 and released their first album "Lost In You" on their own lablel in Denmark, and on Souvenir Records in the US. Hearing these three songs was enough to convince me I wanted to hear more so went to the Souvenir Records site.
3 - Souvenir Records, have an on-line store where the album costs just $10, so I ordered the album and can't wait to hear more. Check out the downloads today, and hopefully you'll feel the same way.

Download - Tiger Baby - Chinese Fairytale

Download - Tiger Baby - Shy

Download - Tiger Baby - Sweetheart

The Tiger Baby website is here

Buy the album here


martijn said...

Good to hear you like 'em too. :)

And good to realise there is a proper place to get there album. I asked the band how to get it but as they didn't answer I did what someone adviced me and bought it through stupid Amazon. Oh well...

Tom said...

I downloaded these tracks as well thanks to Think Small and they are excellent. Thanks for the pointer on where to get the CD.

heath said...

this is really yummy. thanks so much! definitely st etienne...