Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Grown Up Way

Brighton's How Many Beans Make Five had the dubious distinction of being the first band I ever interviewd for my fanzine. In those days my obtaining an interview technique was very simple: choose a support band who were playing locally, in this case at The Joiners Arms in Southampton, show them I was visibly enjoying their set, which didn't take much more than standing up and facing the stage, and then grab a bandmember after they'd played and were no doubt more interested in getting drunk. So the bass player of How Many Beans Make Five had to endure my inane questions and my very unprofessionally large tape recorder while whoever the headline band were made an ungodly noise in the next room. I seem to remember he was very friendly and due to the several page interview that resulted THAT is why you are all aware of How Many Beans Make Five! Hmm ok, the band released one 12" EP, were on several compilations related to the label they were conncted to La-Di-Da productions, toured Japan, and then split with 3/4 of the band moving to the US. In fact it appears the only one who remained in Brighton was the bass player, obviously worried about me stalking him. All of their recordings were collected on the CD "One Last Look" which I was overjoyed to find on ebay recently.

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