Wednesday, January 12, 2005

An Amonite For Bill

In the highly recommended The Great Indie Discography, the author M.C. Strong describes V-Twin as a "warped ambient pop outfit" with a "skewed, unbalanced musical landscape" which wouldn't to be honest give you any indication of what the two songs below sound like. The rest of V-Twin's songs do often veer off into weird and sometimes wonderful directions but these two singles although not representative and excellant in their own right. "Gifted" features core members Jason McPhail and Mike McGaughrin added by the vocals of Katrina Mitchell from The Pastels. "Thank You Baby" featured the likes of Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian and wwas mixed by Kid Loco. There was also a cool video to accompany the song featuring jenga, swimming pools and several other B&S members. You can view it still at the Domino Records site and pick up V-Twin releases at the same time including the early singles compilation "Free The Twin."

Buy V-Twin recordings/Watch the video here

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