Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Brought To You Today By The Letter H

The Harvest Ministers were one of the last batch of bands to release singles on Sarah records who didn't really fit in with the by that time cliched "Sarah" sound, in fact the band themselves didn't seem to know where they fitted in either, going from this up-tempo tune to an album which was almost Sarah's first, and last, foray into Irish Alternative Country. The band followed up with two more albums on Setanta in the UK.

If I had to name my favorite band of all time it would have to be The Go-Betweens and so anytime anyone releases a cover version of one of their songs I'll take notice. This track by Harvey's Rabbit is in fact a cover of a Robert Forster solo release but, hey cut a guy some slack. Apparently, the band did release an album but as I didn't like the follow up single to this, it didn't register on the Turquoise Days radar (you didn't know we had a radar did you!)

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Barry said...

Ah, this Harvey's Rabbit cover was so good, for some reason, I bought the single twice. The follow up was 'Window Dresser' and I totally agree, not anywhere as good. I too failed to follow up on any interest in an album. I did however buy Sweeney 'Shut Up!' from the same label (Rotator, UK)

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