Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Be With Me

The Housemartins always used to call themselves the fourth best band in Hull and although I don't think it was ever revealed who numbers one, two, and three were (because no-one cared) I'd like to think they had the good sense to put the Red Guitars ahead of them. The band were fiercely independent in their earliest incarnation, releasing their own records and playing free gigs whenever possible ands mixing political sentiment with stark music that actually sounds more currrent today with so many bands delving back to new wave influences. They released four singles, and their debut album "Slow To Fade" before getting signed by Virgin and suddenly getting very dull. These two songs were early singles and were added to the CD re-issue of their debut album.

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Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Ah, nice one Steve, been thinking about posting Good Technology on and off for ages now, just could never think of anything to write about it... apart from how much i love it.
Great, great track....