Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Paisley Underground Part One

During the mid eighties some journalist with an urge to create a new “scene” came up with The Paisley Underground, pretty much defined as US bands who loved the likes of The Byrds ands Buffalo Springfield and played Rickenbacker guitars. This included the likes of The Long Ryders, The Dream Syndicate, and The Rain Parade featuring David Roback who went on to form Opal and had his biggest success with Mazzy Star. Rainy Day both the band and album is described on thusly:
“While the Rain Parade was still a going concern, David Roback organized and produced Rainy Day, a heartfelt but uneven paisley underground supersession, with members of the Bangles, Three O'Clock, Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade covering their fave tunes by the Velvets, Bob Dylan, Alex Chilton, Jimi Hendrix, Who, Beach Boys, etc. The simple arrangements and enthusiastic readings are fine-to-sublime, but the casual vocal performances are occasionally one-take second-rate.” Not sure I agree about the vocals especially on today’s two tracks to download. “I’ll Keep It With Mine” sang by Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles is one of my favorite Dylan covers ever, while “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong” sang by Kendra Smith who went on to Opal and then some solo releases actually got me to purchase the first Buffalo Springfield album which I think is pretty high praise for a cover version. Sadly, the album is nigh on impossible to find on Cd and vinyl version change hands for around $50 a time, so if anything deserves a reissue this is it.


Anonymous said...

Been looking for this (& Kendra's 'Guild of Temporal Adventurers' 10") since my college radio days in the early 90's. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed to see the Rainy Day album on your blog site. On that basis alone I will be checking out your site on a regular basis. I happen to have the album myself!

New Jersey woman who happens to be in England ;)

ion said...

I found this record for two dollars at the swap meet a few months ago. Am I lucky or what?