Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Ballad Of Paul Verlaine

18 Wheeler will always have the dubious honor of being the band at whose show Alan McGee first encountered Oasis, and at that moment had their fate decided as being a small footnote in Creation records history. They were signed at the time when McGee appeared to be cruising the record stores of Glasgow and press-ganging anyone purchasing a Byrds/Big Star/Gram Parsons record into bands, and signing them to Creation. He then appeared to almost forget he’d signed them with records released at regular intervals for the music press to slate but no real promotion beyond that. Then, once Oasis had been signed, the label was broken down into Oasis and bands that weren’t Oasis. Sadly, this was the point when 18 Wheeler made the best music of their career with their last album “Year Zero” when they combined their love of Brian Wilson with their new love of dance beats. The problem was if they had been a new band it might have paid dividends but by then everyone had labeled the band as Creation also-rans.

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