Wednesday, December 22, 2004

You Can't Uneat The Apple

As I mentioned last week, parts of The Dears recent album really reminded me of the band My Life Story. More than likely down to the string parts, which My Life Story drenched their songs in along with brass and timpani drums. Live, was where the band really came into there own with about twelve people on stage creating a swirling sound that filled the room with vocalist Jake Shillingford’s best Anthony Newley impression on top, resplendent in a gold lame suit. Needless to say you either bought into this mixture of glamour and tales of love and London or found it as annoying as much of the music press. The band released two albums in this form with moderate success but after being dropped by EMI slimmed down to a conventional four piece for their final album. Since the band split Shillingford formed Exile Inside who have so far released two albums financed by investors via their website who get their money back once the albums have sold 2000 copies. You can download the band’s most recent single from their website link below.

Click the sleeve to buy My life Story albums:

The Exile Inside website/downloads can be found here

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