Wednesday, December 08, 2004

We Rule The School

Belle and Sebastian can be thanked or blamed for almost everything connected with my life, how scary is that?! Without Belle and Sebastian, I would not be living in America, I would not be married to the love of my life, I would not have regained any interest in writing a fanzine after several years of apathy, and I guess that also means you would not be reading these rambling every day. You DO read them don’t you?
For more of this story you can read a previous piece about the band here. Since I wrote that there have been several albums, some singles which I didn’t particularly enjoy (Jonathan David) and what I felt was possibly their strongest album since the first two in “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” where Stuart Murdoch took back all the songwriting duties and Trevor Horn dragged the band out of the corner they’d painted themselves into. Best of all I didn’t have to endure an Isobel song! Now I would usually post an MP3 or two at this point but alas could not find a single free download for them. Plus I’m pretty confident most people have heard Belle and Sebastian before and know how they feel about them? So, instead we have something a bit different, a cover version by Bette Serveert,
and a cool mash-up by Dazautomatic.


Paulo X said...


Bette's cover is excellent! It's one of my favorite B&S songs, along with TBwtAS...

Thank you!

selector said...

The two tunes are killer.