Saturday, December 25, 2004

Turkey for the rest of your life

Some downbeat tracks today to fit in with the mood of being overstuffed and realising how little you have in common with your relatives. Delta House Of Funk was, I think, a short lived project of DJ/Producer Ashley Beedle. These two tracks came from their first release "The State Tapes" which had that downtempo Massive Attack early Mo Wax vibe going on. I thought this was their only release but my extensive research (looking for a picture via google) turned up another single released after this one.

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R. Piggy said...

You have lots in common with your relatives, you're carbon-based, mostly water, you and them probably don't have chitin or cellulose in you cell membranes, you're both mostly bilaterally symmetrical, and definitely let us not forget the alimentary canals, one each, that pass through your bodies. So buck up.