Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Special Offer

If you follow this link and click on the record label button you will see details of two CDs we released, one is a compilation CD called "A Boy, A Girl & A Rendez-Vous" featuring the likes of The Lucksmiths, Aislers Set, Aberdeen, White Town and The Sugargliders. The other is a full length CD by a band called Callow who fans of The Pernice Brothers & American Music Club may like. If you'd like one, or both, email me with your name & address and we'll send you them free of charge. BUT what we'd like you to do is make a donation to the disaster relief efforts by clicking on the link below.

CD details are here Red Roses For Me

Click Here to Donate

If anyone with a blog wants to mention this offer or link to this feel free.


guanoboy said...

Steve -

Just put a link up to this, I hope you don't mind.

This is very cool of you, above and beyond.


Steve said...

No problem, in fact if anyone else out there with a blog wants to mention/link to it that'd be great.

Tom said...

Nice one Steve. Plugged at my site.

Anonymous said...

Stuck a link up to this on Bzangy, cheers, Steve!
love and kisses,

therealportablemusic said...

I don't suppose you are shipping to the UK with these CDs?

Either way, excellent effort. Everyone please contribute.