Friday, December 03, 2004

I Only Wish I Had Been Born Before All The Great Ideas Were Used

"Whatever happened to good music? You know in the days when you could feel it, it was almost sexual sending shivers up your spine. This I believe is because songwriters were not restricted by the small music dictatorship which now exists. Let’s hope the future holds something better then the present, but let’s leave the past alone. The music business is incapable of bringing music to the future as it sits there waiting to pounce on any third rate trend, milking it to death, once again putting money where the music is not. I only wish I had been born before all the great ideas were used, while I struggle around this, the most annoying thing is watching other people succeed through stealing them. I could have been a legend in my own time, I could of sold a lot of records, I would’ve enjoyed it as well. I could have been a lot of things, one thing I know I am. I am the greatest"

A House
I’ve already started to notice a pattern forming with most of the bands I’ve featured on Turquoise Days so far. Nearly everyone falls into the category of a band who got some attention in the music press and the general public stood there with arms crossed across its collective chest and said “yeah, and?” Then the band split up. So continuing this grand tradition we have A House with a track from their album of the same name. This same album also featured their song “Endless Art” which consisted of a list of male authors/musicians/artists and their birth/death dates. This ended up being their closest brush with fame getting to No.46 in the UK singles charts. “I Am The Greatest” was their second, and I think their best album after which they made at least two more.

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Lastly today, I must recommend you go and delve into the latest covers posted by Copy, Right which includes a version of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” by The Scissor Sisters which is just wonderful.

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