Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Organized Confusion

A quick pop quiz: What do The Senseless Things, Muse, Vent 414, and The Streets have in common? Give up? Ok they have all at one time benefited from the have Hammond will travel talents of Morgan Nicholls. Since The Senseless Things split you would have gotten great odds if you had bet on the band’s bass player being the one to still avoiding looking for a day job, but Morgan Nicholls has managed it. He played on Mike Skinner’s Streets albums and touring with him, as well as filling in for Muse recently.
Nicholls’ was also responsible for an excellent solo album under the name Morgan. “Organized” also featured several other members of his family including his younger brother on his first single “Miss Parker” Each of the singles from the album demonstrated the album’s pop sensibilities drenched with the funky Hammond breaks. For whatever reason there’s been no sign of a follow up but the album is readily available and often at knockdown prices. Here we have the dancehall ska stylings of “Miss Parker” and my first Christmas song post with “Christmas in Waikiki”

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