Sunday, December 19, 2004

Last Expectations

Black Metallic, related to Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden, showgazing, America liked them more than the UK, band member went out with an ex-girlfriend, Recorded a song with Tanya Donnelly which was pretty good. That’s my knowledge of Catherine Wheel and would you know it, that’s not even the Catherine Wheel I’m posting about here. Nope this is the Australian Catherine Wheel I’m interested in but what do I know about them…nothing! They released three singles at least as I have three they had the male/female indie thing down to a tee and apparently from my extensive research (google) one band member went on to be inn a band called Eva Trout who I’m sure split up after realizing they had achieved their aim of worst band name EVER. As always, if you can fill in any blanks on Catherine Wheel please do.


Frank said...

there was a Canadian band called Catherine Wheel as well, out of Vancouver in the early/mid 90s. They changed their name to Slowburn, put out a couple decent rock records and quietly went away.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Wheel featured members of Oz band The Honeys. They were good, too. Check out their Monster single if you can, I rate it as their best.