Tuesday, December 07, 2004

We Taught The Hives Everything They Know Pt 1

The Godfathers emerged in 1985 when brothers, Peter and Chris Coyne’s previous band, The Sid Presley Experience, split in half. Throughout 1985 they released three 12” singles on their own label, which were collected on the compilation album “Hit by Hit.” The success of this album led to the band signing with Epic, and the release of several albums including “Birth, School, Work, Death” and “More Songs About Love and Hate” Both of these albums had a couple of singles released from them which would graze the UK singles charts for a week or so, but maybe their biggest claim to fame was being nominated for a 1988 MTV Europe music award, which of course they lost to Gun'N'Roses "Welcome to the Jungle." By now the band had started to break rule number one of the rock bands in suits bible. If you are going to be called The Godfathers and deck yourselves out in wiseguy style suits, you can’t let one of the band forget the dress code and decide to wear an abundance of paisley patterned shirts. From there on in the writing was on the wall for the band who started to suffer from losing members regular intervals. Across the North Sea the fledgling Hives took noticed and decided from that day forth if one band member breaks out the tracksuit top and spats we all do!


Tom said...

Great choice! I would of posted "I Want Everything" - maybe I will!

guanoboy said...

argh...i had just pulled out and picked songs from the godfathers to post later today...

yah beat me to it!

good post, by the way!