Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Sister Hates The Band

All About Chad released a bunch of singles, and one album, “Down In Front,” in 1995, which collected most of them on CD. Based in New York, the album gives the impression of a band playing music together for the fun of it, blending power pop with some witty lyrics. At the time, I unsuccessfully co-owned a record label and we agreed to release an All Chad 7” EP as our next release. Sadly, before that happened the whole enterprise went pear-shaped, and it was not to be. Unfortunately I think I can say this had little effect on the band’s plans for world domination. In fact the biggest claim to fame connected to the band is that one of their songs “We’re Not Gonna Make It” was picked by the Presidents Of The USA for their platinum selling album and hopefully earned songwriter and vocalist a nice royalty check.
After the album the band appears to have split, and as far as I can make out Reiser ended up in Wisconsin playing solo and apparently in a band called Swim Team. If anyone has any more info, please let me know.

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Eric said...

I used to work with "Chad". Last I heard he had become a massage therapist.