Friday, December 24, 2004

I Won't Piss Your Name In The Snow

Today we have a couple of singles that have a tenuous link to one another, first up is the only (I think) single by The Big Maybe. The band consisted of Nick Rudd, along with Ric Menck, and Paul Chastain who went on to become Velvet Crush. This was also the first release on their short-lived but excellent Picture book label. Menck and Chastain also around this time, 1987, were featured on the very first release on the Bus Stop label, a flexidisc under the name The Stupid Cupids. Since then Bus Stop have released a whole bunch of wonderful albums and singles and one of these singles was “Throw Me Out A Line” by Erik Voeks. So enamored were we by this single that it ended up being the third, and final, release on our fledgling record label at the time in the UK. Same songs, pretty much the same sleeve but ours came with a free Erik Voeks balloon (woo hoo). Voeks then released a much under-rated album “Sandbox” and one final 7” release “Christmas Singles” in my humble opinion the perfect Christmas single! That appeared to be that but it appears Mr. Voeks is now in a band called The Octopus Frontier who have recently made a couple of songs available to download at the link below.

Erik Voek's new band The Octopus Frontier can be found here

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