Friday, December 31, 2004

They went EAST!

Three Australian bands today, all of whom sad to say I know next to nothing about. Firstly we have The Marigolds who were based in Perth in the mid eighties. This song, “Waiting In Line” was the a-side of a 7” and in their lifetime they apparently recorded enough songs to make up an album as there’s a compilation CD “Wild!” which you can purchase from Not Lame here
The Glory Box released a hand full of singles each on different labels including this song “Raining Embers” which came out both in Australia and on Bristol’s Tea-Time records.
Rainyard, also from Perth, were featured on one of the first singles released by Summershine records which also releases the first Sugargliders singles and later moved to the US where they released the first Pernice Brothers 7”. Rainyard, according to message boards (research y’see!) changed their name and headed East whatever that means in Australia? The person who posted did say he thought Rainyard sounded like a Ride tribute band, which definitely isn’t the case with this release.


nick said...

Thanks for the blasts from my past

Never knew The Marigolds recorded that many songs, they only release a single during the short lifespan. It seemed they were one on many jingle jangle 6Ts influenced pop bands riding of The Stems coat tails. Much prefered Jamie Parry's next band The Neptunes.

The Rainyard mutated into Header who where signed to Mushroom records via Bark in the mid 9Ts. They were heavily influenced by what was coming out of the UK at the time. Hell Bent Suicidal Over You can from their c86 period, my personal Rainyard fav Technicolour Blind was from the Ride period before they became Header.

Want more info drop me an email Nick Cowie - an old bloke from the West

martijn said...

The Rainyard's "1.000 Years" is one of my all time favorite songs (of which I have a lot, but still). It's on a great compilation on Slumberland called "Just A Taste" which is actually a compilation of Summershine bands.

Great blog btw. Worth a link!