Friday, December 03, 2004


This was meant to be posted with the A House song but I had some technical woes. So here we have......

Continuing with the monologue as song theme, we also have shock! A genuine hit single. Reaching No.3 in the UK singles chart in 1982 we have “The Story Of The Blues” by Wah! (Or The Mighty Wah!) Of course this isn’t the A-Side this is the quite wonderful b-side or second half of the extended 12” version entitled “Talkin’ Blues (Story Of The Blues Pt 2) where Mr. Wah! Pete Wylie took the backing track and waxed lyrical over the top. As he put it “I told Mike Hedges (producer) what I wanted to do. He was dead smart because he was aware that if I spent too much time on it, it would have lost the emotion and been all Troy McClure.” In the same interview when he was asked if he was being sincere, “There is no irony here. Irony’s a way of being a wanker. It’s lying”
This song along with various b-sides and mixes can be found on the CD version of the
Mighty Wah! Album “A Word To The Wise Guy”, which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Pete Wylie homepage here

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