Saturday, December 18, 2004

An Idiot Sings

So for today’s episode of bands reunited one hit wonders special, we are in the northern English city that no one has heard of, Derby. We are here to track down the members of White Town who had a number one UK single in 1997 with “Your Woman.” This song also hit the top spot in eight other countries and the accompanying album “Women In Technology” sold nearly half a million copies in the US alone. Then…nothing, where did this mysterious band go? Ok, we’re knocking on the door, hi, we’re from VH1 and we’re looking for the members of White Town. What do you mean you’re White Town? You’re a big Indian guy with glasses, come on where are the band really???
It was quite surreal when White Town got to number one, how could someone I knew, who’s sofa I had slept on, who’s songs I had had released on crappy compilation tapes suddenly became a pop star? Then a few days later the Sun newspaper had an exclusive full-page photo of Jyoti looking distinctly un-popstar like clutching a shopping bag. The follow up single to “Your Woman” managed one week on the charts, and now “Women In Technology” is one of those CDs you see in every used CD store. Next time you happen to chance across it believe me it’s well worth the $2.
So what did happen to Jyoti and White Town, well there has been another White Town album “Peek and Poke” in 2000 and Jyoti seems content to fade back into a normal life. He publishes an excellent blog, Bzangy Groink that you can find the link to below. The downloads today are a version of his very first single and the b-side to “Your Woman”

For White Town releases click on the sleeve:

Jyoti's blog Bzangy Groink, can be found here

The White Town website can be found here

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Steve!
How are you, matey? :-)

Thanks for the mention in your blog, drop me an email sometime!
love and kisses,
(White Town bloke)